Therapy FAQs


 I provide a space where you can let your guard down and open up. Here you can put your feet up and feel free to cry or to laugh. 

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Why Start Therapy Now?

People often choose to start therapy after exhausting all coping skills that have worked for them in the past. Their struggles have begun to impact them across various areas of their life ( personal, professional, romantic, social). Taking the step to call and schedule with a therapist takes courage and trust that things CAN and WILL be better if you reach out for additional support. It takes courage to begin psychotherapy as it involves examining your thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences all with the goal of better understanding how to change course and cope with stressors in a healthier and more compassionate way.

What Will The First Session Be Like?

The first session is about getting to know another and determining if there seems to be a connection to build on in order to work together. It is common to be nervous about the first session and when asked about your history and what brings you to therapy, it is expected you will only share however much you feel comfortable sharing. Over time, with trust developed, you will find yourself more inclined to open up and explore deeper worries and struggles.

What Will The Process Of Therapy Be Like?

We will start the process of identifying what are the areas of your life that are causing you distress and, in time, understand why. Often times this is because you are not living your life aligned with your values and goals. Together we will work towards building on your inner strengths and abilities so that you can begin to make small changes in the right direction.

This is your personal journey towards change that will help you lead a more fulfilling and hopeful life. With that in mind, therapy is all about what you bring to it; through developing a safe and trusting connection with me, over time you will most likely find yourself to tackle parts of yourself and your history that might have previously been off limits. Therapy is about helping you come to your own conclusions and next steps rather than having the therapist make decisions for you.

Will Other People Know What We Talk About In Sessions?

The therapy room is a private space and trust in your therapist is crucial to engaging in therapy openly and honestly. Your confidentiality is strictly maintained. Only in rare circumstances, out of concern and care, will very specific information be released: issues surrounding mandated reporting, issues surrounding a court mandate (legal mandate by a judge) of release, and issues of a risk to you or others.