Investment and Services


Investment and Services

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Women's wellness

Supporting and empowering Women of color as they address biological, environmental and psychosocial challenges related to womanhood that impacts mental health.

Substance Use disorders/ Addiction

Provide therapy to help abstain from addictions by modifying attitude and behavior relating to drug use, identifying cues that may trigger intense cravings and developing life and coping skills to replace addictive habits.

Christian faith based counseling

Provide counseling from a faith-based perspective. Working through issues and letting Christ be the center.


Maternal Mental health

Guiding Pregnant and Postpartum moms and their families who struggling with perinatal mood issues

Black/ Racial Trauma

Helping people of color navigate racial issues and the trauma impact it has in their day to day lives and relationships. 

Behavioral Health

Effective treatment and services to help change thoughts, emotions, behavior and feeling with goal- oriented strategies with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and SFT (Solution Focused Therapy) approach.