Terms + Conditions


Mississippi State regulation

Golden Aura Counseling and Wellness, LLC is governed by the laws and bound by ethical requirements of Mississippi, within which the practice resides. As a client of Golden Aura Counseling and Wellness, LLC you agree to and accept all legal regulations and requirements dictated by the Mississippi state government regarding a therapy session. Mississippi's legal and ethical regulations protect our clients and help ensure our therapy sessions are of the highest of standards.


All payments related to your session at our Golden Aura Counseling and Wellness, LLC are required to be paid in full 24 hours prior to scheduled session. You will be provided with a receipt as an confirmation of your payment.


Golden Aura Counseling and Wellness, LLC is dedicated to providing the best ethical care and will do their best to serve you. However, if at any point we are no longer able to continue being effective in treating you, it is our ethical duty to find an appropriate professional to refer you to.

changes and modification

At any time, Golden Aura Counseling and Wellness, LLC reserves the right to add to or modify these terms and conditions, the text information on this website, and any other and all content included on this site without prior notice. By using our services, you agree to the responsibility of reviewing all terms and conditions for acceptance regarding any changes made before continuing use of this site.

You acknowledge that by viewing and using this site and by scheduling a therapy session with Golden Aura Counseling and Wellness, LLC, you understand and agree to all of the Terms of Use and Policies listed.

Privacy policy

Privacy and confidentiality in all therapeutic sessions are required by Mississippi stat. Mississippi therapists must be HIPAA compliant keeping all information disclosed to them in your session strictly confidential. No information from your session should be revealed to anyone, or any company or organization without your written consent, unless otherwise required by law. Limits to confidentiality requires the release of your information include the following cases: If your therapist identifies you as an imminent danger to yourself or others, or determines you are "gravely disabled" (i.e. unable to care for yourself), your therapist is required by law to break confidentiality  in order to protect you, or protect others. Your therapist is also held responsible by law to report any suspicions of child or elderly abuse involvement.

cancellation and no show

We set aside time for you when you book a session and thereby request that any cancellation notice or any changes in schedule be given at least 24 hours before a scheduled session. For all scheduling changes, we require a minimum notice of 24 hours. If notice of cancellation was not received 24 hours prior to session there will be a no show/ cancellation fee of $90.